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and the template is way more clear. Noob, but I will try it. A: This is not possible using Javascript. Being the most abundant compound in organic matter, it was no surprise that nitrogen was one of the first components of the study that was analyzed in polluted groundwater. The concentration of nitrate did not differ between the uncontaminated and the contaminated aquifers, whereas in the dissolved organic carbon fraction the values were higher in the contaminated area. The dissolved nitrogen content was significantly higher in the contaminated well compared to the uncontaminated one (p = 0.04). The source of the nitrogen, which should be ammonium, was determined to be the denitrification of the nitrates by aerobic microorganisms. The higher nitrogen content in the well implies that the microorganisms that produce nitrogen are also capable of denitrifying the nitrates. Resuspension of fine sediments may promote the export of nitrogen from the sediment bed. Sediment resuspension may also promote the transport of carbon, and thereby contribute to the formation of anoxic zones in sediments [44], [45]. In this study, we observed that anoxic layers at the water-sediment interface, where pore water from the top layers was oxygenated, were deeper in the sediment where nitrate concentrations were higher. This suggests that nitrate was removed from pore water during the sediment resuspension process. The denitrification is a very important mechanism by which oxygen is consumed and carbon is sequestered. Denitrification of nitrate takes place by sequential reduction of nitrate to nitrite, nitric oxide, dinitrogen, and gaseous nitrogen, forming nitrogen gas. In aerobic conditions, nitrate reduction is carried out by dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) bacteria that live in a redox gradient with high nitrate concentrations and high oxygen availability [46]. Denitrifying bacteria use nitrate as an electron acceptor. Nitrate is reduced to nitrite, which is further reduced to nitric oxide and nitrous oxide. Nitric oxide is the last electron acceptor for the denitrifying bacterial community. Nitrous oxide is then oxidized to nitrate (nitrogen gas) by chemolithotrophic bacteria, such as sulfate reducing bacteria. The nitrogen gas diffuses through the sediment and is transferred to the overlying oxygenated water [47], [48]. Although it was not possible to measure



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